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located at 1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211


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we’d also like to thank our wonderful sponsor Alpha Graphics!  they really did a lovely job printing all of our posters and postcards, which really helped us get the word out about our newest show!!! xoxo


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Currently there is a new generation of artists are embracing traditional craft, infusing it with a new sensibility. Of course this has been true with each new generation. These new artists are in need of support and places to show and sell their work.

The American Craft Council has been championing craft for more than 70 years. Founded in 1943 they strive to promote the craft field through their magazine, national juried shows, a specialized research library, achievement awards, and educational workshops and seminars. They work to strengthen economic opportunities for artists, promote and advocate for craft as an important cultural resource, and provide thought leadership within the field. You can read detailed information about the Council on their website at
There is a long tradition of American Craft Council’s presentation of craft exhibitions. These shows are juried and accept three-dimensional, handmade craft made in the United States or Canada. There are four major exhibitions each year around the country including the flagship show in Baltimore. Some are for retail only, some are for wholesale.





One of the American Craft Council’s most exciting additions to its 2015 exhibition programs is Hip Pop, an innovative project that combines the idea of a craft trade show with the marketing and design style of a pop-up shop. Accepted artists have to be new to the event to apply for Hip Pop. This will distinguish them as artists who collectors may not know as well and so will seek out. The Hip Pop program uses a community-based “pod” structure to provide a supportive atmosphere for participating artists. Hip Pop pods are large booths containing individual display units for a community of six artists. The space sports a clean, smart design that comes in a pod-like format, designed for maximum show space, audience, flow, and to enhance individual conversation. Each Hip Pop artist is provided a prefabricated display structure with a variety of interchangeable shelving and hanging rod options as well as lighting.


Alanna Nissen is the program manager for Hip Pop as well as the Council’s office coordinator. She has a strong passion for discovering new talent and helping emerging artists find their way into the system to gain deserved recognition and earn a living. In addition to managing Hip Pop, she is also also organizing a series of emerging artist listening sessions around the country so that the Council can gather more information about their career goals and the resources they need as they develop their craft and their careers. The Council always aspires to be even more relevant and provide better services to help emerging artists find success. The series is called Make it Work, and so far they have completed sessions in San Francisco and New York, with additional sessions planned for 2015.

All these new innovations made by the American Craft Council sound exciting and make attending or participating in all the events even more enticing this year.

For further information on Hip Pop including exhibition rules, dates, how to apply, costs, downloads of the “pods” and more visit the website:


American Craft Council
1224 Marshall Street NE, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413


We’re so excited to announce our newest venture!  We’re pairing up with Peabody Heights Brewery to present our “Last Stop Hops & Shop” event!

It’s a last minute, happy hour shopping extravaganza!

We’re hosting 20 locals artists, purveyors of fine food, and, of course, locally brewed beer!

Pick up some locally made goods, while enjoying a fun, and substantially less crowded atmosphere than at Holiday Heap!

We know Holiday Heap can be a little overwhelming, so we’re offering up this laid back night as a festive alternative shopping experience!

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When people in need of brand, digital and print design or related services ask me for a recommendation. I have one answer, Mission Media. My recommendation is based on personal experience. Over a decade ago a small band of allies and I decided to start a print publication dedicated to the arts and culture of Baltimore. We had a serious obstacle; none of us had ever produced such a thing. Through GBCA’s late and much missed director, Nancy Haragan, we were introduced to a new MICA graduate, a graphic designer named Todd Harvey.

Todd and his pal Joe Loverde grew up a block from each other in suburban Maryland.  Their parents were best friends since high school. Entering college Todd and Joe had a plan—to one day open their own business. From this—Mission Media (Design & Digital Agency) was formed in 2000. It was located in a small space in downtown Baltimore on Charles Street and first staffed by just the two of them.


At that time Todd met with our group regarding the magazine idea and immediately became a core member—he brought his expertise in the field of graphic design, along with a fierce intelligence and a strong dose of needed levity. He wrangled our idealist notions into a viable product. It was he who in conversation with me teased out the name we all decided to use—RADAR Review. He wisely insisted on a high concept clean design with quality paper. Todd, working at Mission Media, designed every issue inside and out. His vision made the magazine a desirable object people still talk of today.

As RADAR Review was a community minded endeavor.  Joe and Todd opened the doors of Mission Media to us and championed the project. Mission Media designed the magazines state of the art website.  Working with them over those few years I learned of their deep dedication to their craft, their product/client skills, and their business savvy.  I had no doubt then Mission Media would become a long-term success. I was right. Todd and Joe’s deep lifelong friendship anchored the company then and now. With it comes a special positive internal family like atmosphere, that impacts staff and clients alike.

Since those early days some fourteen years ago, Mission Media has flourished on a grand scale, A few years ago they relocated to spacious office space at Power Plant Live. They now have 35 employees and have branched out in a variety of directions. The company is divided into divergent but complimentary projects; MissionMedia’s design and production side —now simply called MISSION—remains the core all-purpose design organization. It is overseen by Todd and employs a staff of twenty-eight and growing.

MISSION is extremely diverse in its daily operations—some categories include, identity, print, digital, advertising, packaging, and photography. They serve numerous clients—international, national, and local, large and small. Though each is different there is a definite MISSON stamp on them.  They have won numerous design awards over the years.



Instead of me detailing all the projects, a near impossible task, just check out the website at It tells you who they are and what they do. Their webpage is the best company info page I have seen. It is visually dynamic and fun to read. Just start on the homepage and start clicking trough—recommended are the examples and the blog pages. There are also links to case studies, and much more.

The second part of Mission Media is MissionTix. MissionTix, overseen by Joe, was created to fulfill a client’s need in 2001. It too has expanded enormously since then. It creates innovative ticketing solutions for clients and customers. It employs eight with more to come. Greg Cangialosi joined Joe and Todd as a partner in MissionTix in 2013. When Greg came on board, he took role of CEO of MissionTix; with a focus on sculpting it’s operations and planning for marketing and growth. They work to expand the company, and to infuse each individual staff member into a small, close-knit team. The organization has been expanding very rapidly over the past few years.



MissonTix has its own set of long standing clients and continues to expand with new ones. They are now the proud ticketing partner of Andretti Sports Marketing and were very pleased to have launched ticketing for the INDY Grand Prix of Louisiana. You can go see them in action in New Orleans this April. They are launching all new ticketing software in the coming months that will offer numerous advances in technology. Not only does MissionTix handle ticketing, but also they offer their clients marketing support, graphic design services and website development.

As Mission Media has continued to expand, they continue to hire the best and the brightest creative individuals to join the team.  As such they provide a much needed locus point for employment in Baltimore, helping to maintain the current steady growth of our creative community. They may work international but their roots are in Baltimore and they continue to give back to the region in numerous ways.

To read all about MissionTix visit their great website at

Finally, on a personal note, presently Todd and I live blocks from each other and our kids go to the same school. Who knows what the next generation will bring! When I see him dropping his child off at school I am met by the same unassuming, kind, and humorous guy I was introduced to so long ago. When I ask him about work these days, he tells me with a laugh that he now is “the older guy” trying to keep up with the younger staff he spends his days overseeing. The continued success of Mission Media comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked with them. See for yourself, I am sure your experience will be every bit as rewarding as mine.



Mission Media
616 Water street suite 225
Baltimore md 21202






It was New York City, 1949. Unable to find quality artists’ linen on this side of the Atlantic, artist Norman Gulamerian began importing fine linen from Europe with his brother, Harold. The two fledgling art supply sellers named their venture Utrecht Linens, Inc., and dedicated themselves to Supplying artists with the highest quality art materials for the best value.


The brothers’ art supply business grew quickly. In 1957, Norman and Harold developed Their revolutionary acrylic gesso for priming canvas. By the end of the early 1960s, they had expanded the Utrecht line to include professional-grade oil paints, acrylics, and watercolor supplies, Which they sold at direct-from-manufacturer prices. In subsequent years, the company added painting accessories, brushes, drawing supplies, easels, presentation products, and more to its line of high-quality Utrecht brand products.

In April 2013, Utrecht became part of the Blick Art Materials family. In its third generation of family ownership, Blick is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States.


The Utrecht Art Supplies located in Midtown Baltimore is a friendly place to buy just about any kind of art supply you would need.

This store has supplies for the professional artist, student and even hobbyist. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I should know I go there all the time!

In this day and age of online ordering why do I get in my car and drive across town to by exacto blades paper and frames? These are Items that could easily be shipped to my doorstep but instead I go by them in person. Why?? That is crazy! Well- because I truly like the people that work at Utrecht and there always seems to be some kind of deal/discount or promo going onthat helps me save money and save my business money. I do believe that it is actually worth my while to drive there

frame basic copy


I started going to Utrecht a few years ago after I discovered how much more affordable their prices were and how many exacto blades I go through on a regular basis.  I started buying tons of frames from them and then ordering tons of frames from them. After a while I got to know the super nice staff and awesome manager and eventually they decided to sponsor Holiday Heap!

Last year they filled the swag bags up with cool things like coupons, t-shirts and samples and this year they plan to do the same.

They are always doing something cool there like showing local artists work- and doing demos. Last month I stopped in to pick up some – you guessed it exacto blades and there was a spray paint artist doing demos and making big paintings right there in the store.

In fact – if you were to go there right now you would see a whole wall of some the Charm City Craft Mafia’s members work up on the walls! How great is that?



This is the store for you if you need any kind of paints, paper and even cute little notebooks and gifts.Their preferred customer-shopping card is front and center in my wallet. You should go in get one and shop it up! Not only will you be getting great deals and customer service you will be supporting one of our sponsors that supports us!


229 West Chase Street Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 727-7004
Fax: (410) 727-7009



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We are so thankful for our amazing Sponsor Trohv!

They have long been one of our most steadfast sponsors. Their support goes well beyond our shows though. Many of the best and  most interesting local Makers, crafters and artists sell their work at Trohv and you will see some of those artists this weekend at Holiday Heap! Visit their store in Hampden and you will see the likes of Little Green Things, Found Studio, Bmore Papercuts, Yummy & Company, Priya Means Love, Kinderhook Snacks and so many more!

The description from their website sums is up perfectly:

Trohv is an inventive, independently owned shop featuring home goods and gifts. We aim to inspire your shopping experience with varied collections of new and vintage goods. Our mix of urban grit and southern sensibility playfully blends multiple aesthetics to create an artful sense of home and personal style.



The thought and care that Trohv puts into the aesthetics of the store never ceases to amaze.

This vision extends into every part of the store from the most tucked away little corner arranged just so, to the huge show stopping store front windows. It was fun to see their winter windows come together over a few weeks they were working non-stop to get them finished. Talk about details, these windows are amazing!!




Inspired by woodland creatures and their hibernation, these vignettes perfectly capture the best part about the cold weather; getting warm and cozy with our loved ones. The windows featured repurposed packing materials from their products, along with beautiful copper cups and delicious nuts from Kinderhook Snacks. The adorable sleeping animals were painted by staff member, the talented Bryant Molloy.


The store interior features more beautiful holiday decorations, such as collaged cut paper animals. These guys residing behind the cash register are amazing and I am sure people will be asking if they are for sale non-stop.

Trohv really is a one of a kind store. Please stop in and visit and show your support for a wonderful business that supports us!



921 W. 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


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Having distinguished itself as the go-to print shop in Baltimore for the past 42 years, Alpha Graphics has a rich history in Charm City providing the highest quality customer service and product satisfaction.  Founded in 1972 as a locally-owned photo-lettering shop, Alpha has steadily grown through the years to the full service company it is today fulfilling its customers’ changing printing and graphics needs.

Specializing in artisan printing, Alpha Graphics prints quality business stationery, museum displays and graphics, product mock-ups, color-transfers, indoor and outdoor banners, fine art prints, reproductions, and more.  Alpha’s reputation for high-quality and personalized care is well known and appreciated by its clients which include Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institutions, Stanford University Museum, Princeton University Museum, Loyola University Museum in Chicago, the Baltimore Museum of Art, AVAM, the Department of the Interior, Black and Decker and Proctor and Gamble.  Its most recent accomplishment is lending its creative genius and capabilities to House of Cards and VEEP production studios.


In 2007, the last original owner retired and passed the torch to its current owner, Christine Walsh.  Christine moved to Baltimore to quench her left brain’s desire for more academic pursuits and obtained a degree in economics from Towson University.   Following this achievement, she began a new career as the manager of the IT department at the Department of Legislative Services for the Maryland General Assembly.  In 2007, she purchased Alpha Graphics, Inc. Combining her love of art, her passion for business and plenty of sweat and tears, Christine quickly helped this Baltimore institution regain its glory, reputation and sales’ levels.
Christine and Alpha Graphics are leaders in Baltimore’s and Maryland’s growing women’s businesses and are proud of it.  Alpha is a certified woman-owned business through MDOT, Baltimore City and the federal certification WBENC. These certifications help small businesses, like Alpha, compete on a level playing field with much larger businesses allowing it to remain competitive and maintain the current level of employment.  This certification has allowed Alpha Graphics to increase its exposure to larger federal and state government purchasers.

In addition to being on the Board for the Production Club of Baltimore, Ms. Walsh is also the co-host for a local chapter of a national magazine and women’s networking group called Cake and Whiskey. They premiered the first Baltimore based Cake and Whiskey hobnob this past October.  It was so well received that they already have woman clamoring to sign up for the next networking hobnob in February— where they will meet more Baltimore businesswomen to talk a little shop and trade tales while enjoying a slice of cake and glass of whiskey together.

At a time when many people are looking to the web to order printing, those of us who want to see Baltimore thrive know we must support local businesses. Local businesses provide jobs and pour tax income back into Baltimore. However, at Alpha you have a real person to deal with face to face or you can use their easy online support system to get project bids and send in files.  If you call or inquire online, you’ll likely email Alpha representatives Val, Casey, or Juan, three of the few MICA graduates who are employed at Alpha. They all have extensive pre-press, printing and fabrication backgrounds are enthusiastic to help figure out the best solution for your printing needs.


Val Lucas is the production manager who makes sure everything that comes through Alpha gets finished with the discerning eye essential to the “Alpha way.” Casey Reeder is the production assistant. Two years ago Casey started with Alpha and quickly proved herself a supreme asset in all areas of client service.  Ms. Walsh calls the two “the epicenter of Alpha.” They both ensure clients experience is such they will always keep coming back.

The company has been hard at work lately. Alpha recently worked with the Baltimore Museum of Art for it’s reopening and 100th Anniversary gala supplying signage, digital print material, wall panels and more. They’ve also supplied photographs and signage for the Reginald F. Lewis Museum’s “Struggle: Portraits of Civil Rights and Black Power” exhibit, and labeling and displays for the American Visionary Art Museum’s exhibit “The Visionary Experience.”  They have recently completed some new signage for some local businesses that just opened in Woodberry. That is quite an endorsement!


Right now, Alpha is working on fine art prints for local designers who are selling their work and lots of pull-up banners for a new traveling museum exhibition in Florida.  Alpha not only offers a 10% discount to Charm City Craft Mafia members but offers a 15% discount to non-profits.  In addition to bumping into its efforts at many local venues, you can see examples of Alpha Graphics’ work on its website where you can also read more about its accomplishments, request information, or call to make arrangements to bring your project into the company for a consultation.  They will quickly figure out the best solution for your printing needs.

Conveniently located off Falls Road on Union Ave, it is situated within a close drive of anywhere in the city or a hop on the light rail. Alpha Graphics is looking forward to working with you and guarantee it can satisfy your printing needs, large or small!


Alpha Graphics Production
1750 Union Avenue, Suite B
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
production (@)
HOURS: 8-6 M-F


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The country is now teeming with a new generation of creative new makers and independent craftspeople— many bringing back the high quality of old style craft while forging in new directions. All need places to exhibit and sell their work direct to retailers, around and beyond their own region. Relationships built with retailers allow many artists to earn an income all year long. But how can such a connection be made? Enter The Rosen Group.The Rosen Group was founded in 1981 by Wendy Rosen to meet these needs. Today it remains an independent, family-owned and -operated small business that provides arts business and marketing assistance to studio artists, galleries, main street shops, museum stores and arts organizations through its wholesale show, American Made Show, and its trade publication, NICHE magazine.


The Rosen Group’s exciting American Made Show, the largest expo of its kind, is a wholesale trade show where studio artists can exhibit their handcrafted goods directly to retailers who can then place orders. The artists are all from the United States and Canada. There is nothing mass-produced and no imports. Every kind of craft item imaginable is represented.

To enhance its endeavors The Rosen Group publishes NICHE, a well-designed trade print magazine that highlights stories related to the core values of the American  Made Show, as well as retail business strategies, marketing advice, merchandising tips and more.


The show is a biannual affair—its largest flagship show (700 studio artists) is coming right up. It will be in Washington D.C., January 16-19, 2015. Applications are still open. Artists who are interested in applying may do so for free online at

Its new summer market (300 Studio artists), will debut at the Total Home and Gift Market (produced by the Dallas Market Center) in Dallas, Texas.

The amount of retailers who shop these shows are legion, and include everything from arts and crafts galleries, main street galleries, museum gift shops and much more. The Rosen Group is dedicated to making sure this is a win-win situation for artists and retailers alike. It is this kind of altruistic ingenuity that keeps the craft market strong and growing and everyone involved the better for it.





The Rosen Group
3000 Chestnut Ave
Suite 112
Baltimore MD 21211

NICHE Magazine

American Made Show -facebook – instagram


tweet @ BuyersMarket