The Charm City Craft Mafia is a small group of artists and crafters who have banded together to encourage and promote handmade craft in Baltimore.

How can I join the Craft Mafia?

We are a small group, and are unable to accept new members.  (Keeping our numbers small allows for nimble and decisive action!)  However, we encourage everyone to apply to the shows and participate in Baltimore’s robust local craft economy!

What does the Craft Mafia do?

We put on 2 juried craft shows a year, promote arts-related events throughout the city, encourage new handmade craft businesses, and occasionally offer workshops on business matters or crafting techniques.

Who can apply to the shows?

Anyone is welcome to apply- we look for the highest quality, hand-crafted work in any sort of arts-related media. Applicants are juried by current members of CCCM, and competition is tough- so if you are interested in applying, submit awesome photos of your best work!

How can I learn more about the shows?

Facebook is the BEST way to keep informed.  We post all of our application and show info there on a regular basis.  We also share other awesome events and craft related news there.

Or if you aren’t on Facebook, you can sign up for our mailing list here and you’ll receive information about show applications as well as other news!  But again, Facebook is the BEST way to keep informed!!!   Just sayin…